What’s new in oil?

At the end of 2016 we wrote about a new era for oil and a new pricing pattern that we thought would hold into 2017.  Is the snake still stuck in the drain? How well is our price prediction holding up and what does it mean for M&A and the much beleaguered oil field services sector in 2017? … More What’s new in oil?

Snakes in a drain: a new era for oil?

The OPEC deal announced last week helped to propel the price of a barrel of Brent Crude over the $50 mark,  the highest for well over a year and almost double its January low. But prices have stalled since, underlining our view that this isn’t a one way ticket. So where next for oil?

Will volatility thwart M&A ambitions in 2016?

Will volatility thwart M&A ambitions in 2016? Markets have recovered from their dire start to 2016; but lingering uncertainty will keep them in a volatile holding pattern for a while yet. Thus far, this doesn’t seem to have seriously dulled companies’ deal making appetites. We are seeing fewer ‘mega-deals’, but a robust core market in … More Will volatility thwart M&A ambitions in 2016?