Time to pay?

This week’s Capital Agenda Blog comes from Matthew Evans, a Partner in EY’s Cash and Working Capital team. The time taken by the UK’s biggest companies to pay their smaller suppliers has been an issue for successive governments, but recent events have pushed it much higher up the political agenda. Major companies’ payment practices are … More Time to pay?

Do your forecasts still stack up?

This week’s blog comes from Natalia Pugach, a Director in our Restructuring Modelling team. High profile failures, profit warnings and asset write-downs have put the spotlight on how well companies are measuring their performance and delivering against their forecasts and investment hypotheses. Deals, debt arrangements and forecasts made in brighter times are coming under greater scrutiny. … More Do your forecasts still stack up?

Reality Bites

Stocks go down; stocks go up – but not usually by so much in a short space of time. In this week’s blog, we’ll look at why markets have been on such a wild ride and – crucially – what this might signal for the rest of 2018. … More Reality Bites

Five takeaways….

In the last few weeks, EY surveys and reports have taken the temperature of the UK’s capital confidence, earnings forecasts and the economy. In this week’s blog, we’re pulling this together and picking out five essential takeaways. UK companies face an extraordinary range of challenges; but they are also taking extraordinary measures, doing more than … More Five takeaways….