Season of contrasts

As we move into autumn I’m struck by growing contrasts. Heightened geopolitical tensions are hard to miss and financial risks are moving back in the spotlight. But, there are also many positives, including improving earnings and Eurozone story. This week we highlight some of the themes we think exemplify this contradictory outlook – and think about … More Season of contrasts

Profit warnings, ‘shrinkflation’ and zombies…

This week’s Capital Agenda Blog comes from Alan Hudson, Head of UK Restructuring. EY’s latest Analysis of UK Profit Warnings for Q2 2017 shows profit warnings hitting their lowest quarterly level in seven years.  In this week’s blog we cover the main themes in five charts and explore the link with the other headline of … More Profit warnings, ‘shrinkflation’ and zombies…

From VIX to avocados

This week we highlight seven charts, taking us through the maelstrom of market themes that we take into summer. It is still a hopeful picture, but not as benign as some indices suggest. Liquidity may smooth over a multitude of stresses for some time yet, but some pinch-points are still emerging.

Q2…something new?

On paper there’s some testing events coming up, from the French election to some potentially pivotal monetary policy meetings and on-going debates around BREXIT and US policy. Geopolitical tensions are also heightened. But, we’ve been through difficult quarters before without there being much discernible change on the ground in terms of investor sentiment and corporate attitudes … More Q2…something new?

Profit warnings: who’s swimming against the tide?

Profit warnings are a measure of performance against expectation. So, given the overall upside surprise in 2016, it’s not surprising that the annual figure was the lowest for three years. But our data also tells a story of a growing gap between winners and losers. What’s creating such a great divergence, will it last and … More Profit warnings: who’s swimming against the tide?

And to come in 2017?

Making predictions is always daunting – this year more than most. Nevertheless, we’re going to look beyond current uncertainties to identify trends that will influence the Capital Agenda in 2017. One easy prediction: it won’t be quiet. Beyond that, almost anything seems possible.  Last year’s overturning of decades of consensus was truly extraordinary; but, we … More And to come in 2017?