Reality Bites

Stocks go down; stocks go up – but not usually by so much in a short space of time. In this week’s blog, we’ll look at why markets have been on such a wild ride and – crucially – what this might signal for the rest of 2018. … More Reality Bites

Five takeaways….

In the last few weeks, EY surveys and reports have taken the temperature of the UK’s capital confidence, earnings forecasts and the economy. In this week’s blog, we’re pulling this together and picking out five essential takeaways. UK companies face an extraordinary range of challenges; but they are also taking extraordinary measures, doing more than … More Five takeaways….

Mind the gap! Hard vs soft data

The gap between hard and soft data is one of the biggest stories in the market right now.  What’s giving us the more accurate picture: surveys tracking activity or those polling sentiment? We’re going to explore the debate this week through a series of questions, asking what we mean by hard and soft data, the source of the gap and what it means for companies and markets. … More Mind the gap! Hard vs soft data