Q2…something new?

On paper there’s some testing events coming up, from the French election to some potentially pivotal monetary policy meetings and on-going debates around BREXIT and US policy. Geopolitical tensions are also heightened. But, we’ve been through difficult quarters before without there being much discernible change on the ground in terms of investor sentiment and corporate attitudes to deals. So will anything trigger a change this quarter? … More Q2…something new?

Whatever next?

Anyone else with déjà vu? We’re clearly in the midst of seismic shifts in the political landscape that may be more fully realised next year after a run of major European elections.  So, do we need to rethink…well…everything? What does it mean for the ability of companies to raise, preserve, optimise and invest capital if … More Whatever next?


Yesterday’s historic UK referendum has delivered a vote to leave the European Union.  It will take time to work through the implications. So much is still unknown in terms of how the UK will negotiate its exit and build new trading relationships in the years ahead.  But, invariably, uncertainty affects economic and capital market activity … More BREXIT

The winner takes it all…

What does the latest clutch of European earnings reports tell us? Revenues are under pressure and, whilst earnings are beating expectations, the bar was set very low. European companies still have a ways to go on improving their profitability and there’s certainly potential for all-round improvement. But in this low-growth, disrupted and polarized age, any … More The winner takes it all…