Retail focus: Black Friday….Red January?

This week we’re sharing retail insights from Jessica Clayton, Head of Retail Transactions and David Larsson, a Partner in EY Parthenon.  EY research shows UK retailers displaying more discount discipline during Black Friday week itself, when compared to 2016. But, the extended season, slipping sales and growing pressure on consumers doesn’t bode well. Retailers will … More Retail focus: Black Friday….Red January?

Five takeaways….

In the last few weeks, EY surveys and reports have taken the temperature of the UK’s capital confidence, earnings forecasts and the economy. In this week’s blog, we’re pulling this together and picking out five essential takeaways. UK companies face an extraordinary range of challenges; but they are also taking extraordinary measures, doing more than … More Five takeaways….

Why is restaurant distress back on the menu?

If we take one message from recent trading statements, it’s that UK consumers are feeling the strain. Of the fourteen profit warnings we’ve recorded in the last ten days, nine are from consumer-related sectors and four are from companies in the FTSE Travel & Leisure sector. This week’s blog focuses on restaurants, a sector that’s … More Why is restaurant distress back on the menu?

Season of contrasts

As we move into autumn I’m struck by growing contrasts. Heightened geopolitical tensions are hard to miss and financial risks are moving back in the spotlight. But, there are also many positives, including improving earnings and Eurozone story. This week we highlight some of the themes we think exemplify this contradictory outlook – and think about … More Season of contrasts