Why retail?

This week’s guest editor is Alan Hudson, Head of UK and Ireland Restructuring.

Inflation to the left of me, online rivals to the right…many of our retailers really do look stuck in the middle, squeezed between rising economic and structural challenges in 2017.  This week,  we’re looking at the EY ITEM Club’s latest thinking on the consumer, in the context of disruptive and structural pressures on the sector, to understand why retail is the subject of so much concern in 2017.  And then we ask: what can retailers do to not just survive, but ride the storm? … More Why retail?

Changing landscapes: from BREXIT to high yield via the sales.

Takeaways: Our world is changing rapidly and unpredictably. We’ve picked a few areas to highlight this week, starting with a startling BREXIT poll that could reflect a broader inward turn across Europe. The UK’s version of Black Friday will be a reflection of retail’s changing landscape – turned up to 11. Moves in high-yield markets … More Changing landscapes: from BREXIT to high yield via the sales.

Feeling negative?

Takeaways: As negative yields spread, the divergence between Euro and dollar borrowing costs becomes more marked. Add the Euro at an 11-year low and it’s no wonder Mr Buffet – and a growing number of his US compatriots – are not only shopping in the European aisles, but borrowing in the Euromarket. Of course there’s … More Feeling negative?

Season of mists and reality checks

Season of mists and reality checks Last week brought a familiar September market swoon, including a 15-month low for the FTSE and the highest spread between high-yield and investment bonds since July 2013. Risk appetites – if not completely unwinding – are becoming more discerning.