Dealing in a digital world

One of the most significant challenges for business today is how and where to allocate capital to meet their digital ambitions. Companies are faced with a number of questions, the most pressing of which is whether to buy or build or seek another path – technological and behavioural change has changed the deal space too, … More Dealing in a digital world

Through the looking glass: from low yields to old solutions

Sometimes you need time away to really see how much has changed. What’s really grabbing my attention now is the low growth, low inflation, low interest rate world in which we find ourselves. It’s partly a hangover from the global financial crisis; but it’s also a product of secular forces – i.e. it’s not going … More Through the looking glass: from low yields to old solutions

Five summer themes

When was the last quiet summer? Perhaps it was the same year as the last hot one? The pace of events might slacken in August –but let’s not bet on it. Still, it feels like a good time to take stock.  So much is up in the air, but we’re starting to get a better … More Five summer themes

28 days later…

We’re taking stock four weeks on from the result of the EU Referendum. A great deal of water has passed under some political bridges; but in terms of BREXIT practicalities we’re not much the wiser and won’t be for some time. The eye of the storm is focused on those most exposed to the greatest … More 28 days later…