Through the looking glass: from low yields to old solutions

Sometimes you need time away to really see how much has changed. What’s really grabbing my attention now is the low growth, low inflation, low interest rate world in which we find ourselves. It’s partly a hangover from the global financial crisis; but it’s also a product of secular forces – i.e. it’s not going … More Through the looking glass: from low yields to old solutions

Previewing 2016: There may be trouble ahead…

..but while there’s liquidity, spare cash and romance let’s face the market and transact! The prevailing corporate attitude in 2015 was to fight disruptive forces, low growth and uncertainty by transforming the portfolio and building resilience.  Our base case for 2016 is that companies will face similar challenges, turned up a notch. There’s an air … More Previewing 2016: There may be trouble ahead…

Greece: The Midnight Hour

Takeaways:  Efforts to limit direct exposure means Greece is increasingly morphing into a political, rather than a financial crisis; but that can quickly change if companies and markets freeze or the political crisis extends elsewhere. The ECB’s move today to extend QE asset eligibility was necessary in any case…and possibly pre-emptive.

Time running out for Greece

Takeaways: D-Day rapidly approaching for Greece as time is running out to agree a deal with its international creditors, secure the release of badly needed bailout funds and avoid defaulting on its obligations. Rumours are rife that the Syriza government is preparing to take the dramatic step of declaring a default. The country is rapidly … More Time running out for Greece