Pivotal June

I don’t think we need to hype this up; June could herald fundamental changes to our capital landscape.  There is already a great deal to digest from last week’s ECB and OPEC meetings and even more to anticipate from pivotal votes on US interest rates (14-15th) and the UK’s EU membership (23rd) – in case … More Pivotal June

What’s next? Seven questions, six charts and two illuminating deals.

Takeaway: Of course Greece isn’t out of the woods. We remain convinced that the only sustainable way forward is through debt reconstruction. It’s not off the table, but it’s not on it either. So, whilst this debate remains parked on a hostess trolley in Brussels, we’re going to ask a few questions to help take … More What’s next? Seven questions, six charts and two illuminating deals.

Into the unknown

Takeaways: With an unexpectedly strong victory for the ‘No’ campaign in the Greek referendum we are sailing ever deeper into uncharted waters – and that brings a level of uncertainty that could rein-in the confidence shown by companies and investors alike in the first half of the year.

Greece: The Midnight Hour

Takeaways:  Efforts to limit direct exposure means Greece is increasingly morphing into a political, rather than a financial crisis; but that can quickly change if companies and markets freeze or the political crisis extends elsewhere. The ECB’s move today to extend QE asset eligibility was necessary in any case…and possibly pre-emptive.

The minute waltz

Takeaways: It’s a week that’s pushed US and UK rate expectations back, brought ECB buying forward and dragged all three currencies, but especially the euro down. The UK’s brush with negative inflation added to the ‘loose’ narrative – just don’t call it deflation or get complacent. All this has helped steady bond markets, but it’s … More The minute waltz

Five questions

Takeaways: We wouldn’t be so presumptuous as to say these are the biggest questions out there, but they’ve been exercising our minds these week and we’d welcome your views. We’re still waiting on Greece’s fate, whilst we ponder the bond sell off, ask where oil is going, wonder about corporate cash piles, and reflect on … More Five questions

Riding the cycles

Riding the cycles Takeaways: With Hellenic worries on the back burner, equity markets have flirted with new highs. However, geopolitical machinations continue to provide reality checks and Greece will be back – soon. The commodities sector is obviously still coming to terms with new economic realities. M&A activity dipped in metals and mining again in … More Riding the cycles