What can 20 years of profit warning data tell us?

This week’s blog comes from Alan Hudson, EY Head of UK&I Restructuring In 1999, when EY started to track UK profit warnings, the dot.com boom was full swing, the euro started trading and businesses were preparing for Y2K – the so called “millennium bug”. Two decades and over 6000 profit warnings later, we’ve gathered a … More What can 20 years of profit warning data tell us?

Reality Bites

Stocks go down; stocks go up – but not usually by so much in a short space of time. In this week’s blog, we’ll look at why markets have been on such a wild ride and – crucially – what this might signal for the rest of 2018. … More Reality Bites

Where do we go from here?

Well, we said it could be a pivotal month! I confess that I didn’t have this exact scenario  in mind, but it does seem to follow recent global trends of polarised politics and electorates looking for something new. This is still – as they say in 24 hour news circles – a ‘fluid situation’. But, today I just wanted to take a moment to think about where we could go from here. Emphasis on the ‘could’ since this could be an interesting ride. … More Where do we go from here?