Covid-19: A moment in time

This week’s Capital Agenda Blog comes from Jon Hughes, Managing Partner for EY’s UKI Markets. Covid-19 is fundamentally affecting companies’ ability to operate and plan on a global level. The sheer extent of government and central bank support unveiled in the last few days underlines the unique combination of challenges created by this crisis and … More Covid-19: A moment in time

On the rebound?

Takeaways: Knowing when the game’s up might be the theme of the week. The Greek saga rumbles on with both sides not able to agree now on how close they are to a deal. Eurozone markets remain sanguine. UK markets are even buoyant, with rising earnings expectations providing support. But will the recent lack of … More On the rebound?

Five questions

Takeaways: We wouldn’t be so presumptuous as to say these are the biggest questions out there, but they’ve been exercising our minds these week and we’d welcome your views. We’re still waiting on Greece’s fate, whilst we ponder the bond sell off, ask where oil is going, wonder about corporate cash piles, and reflect on … More Five questions

Serious season: high yield bonds remain in the spotlight

Serious season Was there a time when ‘news’ just stopped in summer? A time when only ‘silly season’ stories of crop circles, pigs on the run and killer chipmunks prevailed with little else to trouble us. If those halcyon days ever existed, they’ve not returned this year. In common with recent summers, markets have wobbled … More Serious season: high yield bonds remain in the spotlight