2019, the story so far…

January has two faces. On the one side, a global market rally, on the other rising global risks. There’s an obvious tension here. The rally seems largely based on investor expectations that these rising risks will slow the pace of US interest rate rises. But, 2019’s risks look broader and deeper than 2016, when we … More 2019, the story so far…

Bringing cyber risks into the light

When you consider the financial and reputational risks, it has never been more important for investors and boards to know a company’s level of cyber and data exposure. Yet, whilst many business balance sheets and growth projections look healthy, their cyber-hygiene is often underinvested, contains hidden vulnerabilities and has evidence of compromise – which may … More Bringing cyber risks into the light

Q2…something new?

On paper there’s some testing events coming up, from the French election to some potentially pivotal monetary policy meetings and on-going debates around BREXIT and US policy. Geopolitical tensions are also heightened. But, we’ve been through difficult quarters before without there being much discernible change on the ground in terms of investor sentiment and corporate attitudes to deals. So will anything trigger a change this quarter? … More Q2…something new?

The ‘BREXIT delta’

We talked here before about the differential impact of BREXIT on UK share prices, but what about multiples? This week we’d like to look at how UK market multiples have changed in the last year – in absolute terms and against their European peers.  A few sectors stand out in particular…could this make them a target for domestic or overseas buyers? … More The ‘BREXIT delta’

With the 2015 General Election campaign trail just beginning, what’s being said?

Takeaways: Our newspapers, TVs and social media are becoming inundated with all-things-political as the UK trundles towards May’s General Election.  Celebrity endorsements, campaign posters, Tony Blair taking centre-stage once again and not least, Margaret Thatcher’s 18-tonne bombproof ‘battle bus’ used in her 1983 campaign going up for sale  – a steal for just £25,000. With … More With the 2015 General Election campaign trail just beginning, what’s being said?