What happened in 2018?

This week’s Capital Agenda Blog comes from Adrian Browne, UK&I Transaction Advisory Services Markets Leader, and Kirsten Tompkins, UK&I Transaction Advisory Services Lead Content Editor. What stands out most from our 2018 word cloud is ‘More’. We clearly used that word a lot! This last year had more volatility, more uncertainty, and more disruption – but … More What happened in 2018?

What about debt?

Political risk, inflation and uncertain monetary backdrop… and still leverage loan issuance reached its highest level since the financial crisis at the start of 2017. Can nothing upset debt markets? Given the continuing high level of support from monetary policy and a better than expected economic outlook, the likelihood is that conditions will remain broadly … More What about debt?


Yesterday’s historic UK referendum has delivered a vote to leave the European Union.  It will take time to work through the implications. So much is still unknown in terms of how the UK will negotiate its exit and build new trading relationships in the years ahead.  But, invariably, uncertainty affects economic and capital market activity … More BREXIT

Will volatility thwart M&A ambitions in 2016?

Will volatility thwart M&A ambitions in 2016? Markets have recovered from their dire start to 2016; but lingering uncertainty will keep them in a volatile holding pattern for a while yet. Thus far, this doesn’t seem to have seriously dulled companies’ deal making appetites. We are seeing fewer ‘mega-deals’, but a robust core market in … More Will volatility thwart M&A ambitions in 2016?

Sense and sensibility

Market sensibility means we have to take a deeper dive into the underlying data to get a clearer understanding of what’s going on. We find that corporate sense is keeping M&A in fashion, debt markets are beginning to show the strain in places and it’s all about windows…..