Yesterday’s historic UK referendum has delivered a vote to leave the European Union.  It will take time to work through the implications. So much is still unknown in terms of how the UK will negotiate its exit and build new trading relationships in the years ahead.  But, invariably, uncertainty affects economic and capital market activity … More BREXIT

Pivotal June

I don’t think we need to hype this up; June could herald fundamental changes to our capital landscape.  There is already a great deal to digest from last week’s ECB and OPEC meetings and even more to anticipate from pivotal votes on US interest rates (14-15th) and the UK’s EU membership (23rd) – in case … More Pivotal June

Five questions

Takeaways: We wouldn’t be so presumptuous as to say these are the biggest questions out there, but they’ve been exercising our minds these week and we’d welcome your views. We’re still waiting on Greece’s fate, whilst we ponder the bond sell off, ask where oil is going, wonder about corporate cash piles, and reflect on … More Five questions