Where do we go from here?

Well, we said it could be a pivotal month! I confess that I didn’t have this exact scenario  in mind, but it does seem to follow recent global trends of polarised politics and electorates looking for something new. This is still – as they say in 24 hour news circles – a ‘fluid situation’. But, today I just wanted to take a moment to think about where we could go from here. Emphasis on the ‘could’ since this could be an interesting ride. … More Where do we go from here?

Over the worst? Is the rally strong enough to boost IPOs?

Over the worst? EY’s latest analysis of the IPO market underlines a troubled start to 2016. UK and global IPO activity fell to its lowest level since 2009 in the first quarter, as uncertainty and volatility in global equity markets forced issuers to wait out the storm or encouraged them to move into the relatively … More Over the worst? Is the rally strong enough to boost IPOs?

Shifting narratives?

Takeaways: Despite – or perhaps because of – the disappointing US payroll numbers, markets have started Q4 in buoyant mood.  A confluence of events have contributed to the mild ‘melt-up’, including payroll inspired ‘looser for longer’ hopes, a ‘quiet’ China and suggestions of an oil price revival. This calm augurs well for the IPO market, … More Shifting narratives?

Windows of opportunity

Takeaways: The IPO window isn’t closed entirely, but the bonanza is over. Investors are looking for a certain je ne sais quoi and keener pricing – open windows may also be limited in 2015. This opens up dual process or pure M&A opportunities – but HY borrowers should watch-out – it probably won’t get better … More Windows of opportunity

New term, new challenges…

New term, new challenges. There’s a ‘back to school’ feeling this week with excitement and trepidation obvious in the markets. Activity is picking up after the summer break; however, the recent escalation in geopolitical tension and conflict demands a measure of caution. Meanwhile, we’re moving directly into the uncharted territory of an extraordinary countdown to … More New term, new challenges…