What happened in 2018?

This week’s Capital Agenda Blog comes from Adrian Browne, UK&I Transaction Advisory Services Markets Leader, and Kirsten Tompkins, UK&I Transaction Advisory Services Lead Content Editor. What stands out most from our 2018 word cloud is ‘More’. We clearly used that word a lot! This last year had more volatility, more uncertainty, and more disruption – but … More What happened in 2018?

Where do we go from here?

Well, we said it could be a pivotal month! I confess that I didn’t have this exact scenario  in mind, but it does seem to follow recent global trends of polarised politics and electorates looking for something new. This is still – as they say in 24 hour news circles – a ‘fluid situation’. But, today I just wanted to take a moment to think about where we could go from here. Emphasis on the ‘could’ since this could be an interesting ride. … More Where do we go from here?

What does the general election mean for capital?

When we said the second quarter would bring new challenges, a snap UK general election wasn’t on our minds, but political uncertainty was. Therefore, it’s interesting that markets currently seem to be pricing in greater certainty as a result of this week’s announcement. We don’t know if this election will run more to script than others have in the last year; but we’ve started to think about what it might mean for companies and markets  – and how much it matters in the grand scheme of 2017. … More What does the general election mean for capital?

Head-over-heals in debt

Takeaway: The IMF’s warning about global debt levels comes at a time when it looks like investors can’t seem to get enough of corporate loans and bonds– even if yields dip below zero. But there are increasing signs that central banks might be calling time  – at least on further QE – and may even … More Head-over-heals in debt